12 Reasons Your Childhood Friends Will Always Be the Best

If you're lucky enough to still be close with your childhood friends, then you know all about the reasons they will always be the best.

1. They understand you better than anyone because they were there for all your adolescent firsts.
That time you vomited in your parents' bathtub after your first tequila shot? That other time you banged your side mirror up while parallel parking? Rachel was holding your hair back; Rachel was in the passenger seat. She was laughing the whole time because it was just so typical you.

2. You were all awkward at the same time.
It was a terrible time. You weren't fazed by each other's boobs and braces and boy problems. That's true love, right there.

3. It doesn't matter if you don't talk forever.
Time goes by, and you are swamped and overwhelmed, and all you want to do is talk to Elise about why life sucks at the moment. Elise picks up the phone a day, week or month later, and you talk for three hours. Life is good.

4. They were there for you when everyone else was terrible.
At some point in your angsty high school career, someone was  terrible to you. Your real friends saw it happen and called it out for what it was. Nothing is better for the soul than letting go of someone in your life who sucks because you realize you've already got people around you who are wonderful.

5. When you need to escape from real life, they're perfect.
The fact that you're no longer physically close to all your friends is not a bad thing. When everyone else around you is the worst, it's refreshing to get an outside perspective on your work, friend, and life problems. Also, you can talk about Facebook stalking your eighth-grade boyfriend for a good half hour and that will take your mind off everything.

6. You can ask them questions you could never ask anyone else in the world.
Like, "Is it weird that I will 100 percent always love [the aforementioned eighth-grade boyfriend]?" for one.

7. You're never not on the same wavelength when it comes to growing up.
"Guys, do you ever feel like when did we get to be actual twentysomethings and life isn't at all like we envisioned it would be and that's not a bad thing but it's not a good thing either, you know?" — a text I send to my high school thread once every three months to which I unfailingly get the responses, "same."

8. When you come home, you really have four places to go.
It doesn't feel like a trip home if you don't let your best friend's dad feed you and cuddle with your other friend's dogs. Your friends won't leave until they get to lie on your floor and talk about people they don't want to run into while they're home.

9. And when you need to vent about home, they got you.
That's how you bonded with Rachel first. Her mom is basically the same person and she understands your frustration on the same deep-rooted level.

10. By this point in your life, you know who's really sticking by you.
College friends may ghost after awhile, but the people who really mean the most to you will stay stay stay.

11. High school memories are so funny when you're drunk.
Give me and my friends three bottles of wine, and let us tell you why failing chemistry the first time is hilarious now.

12. You are all solely responsible for keeping your favorite pizza place/the best pizza place in the entire country in business.
No one else will eat an entire pie (or two) of it with you the minute you get home.

From: Cosmopolitan 

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