Can Semen Really Clear Up Your Skin?

The Internet is frothing about semen facials – that’s right, spreading semen onto your face to make it smooth and young-looking.

Although the “beautifying” properties of semen have been talked about for years, British beauty blogger Tracy Kiss renewed the subject recently when she created a YouTube tutorial showing how she spreads the bodily fluid on her face. It seems, Kiss has suffered from rosacea since she was a girl, a condition that causes redness and sometimes small, pus-filled bumps on the face. The condition made Kiss self-conscious.
“I didn’t feel comfortable being around people,” she says in the video.
Kiss says rubbing semen on her face makes rosacea more bearable and her skin soft and glowing. “It’s a very natural and healthy thing to do,” says the single mother. “I know there are no added chemicals, no harshness.”

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Kiss acquires “donations” from a friend who eats well and, apparently, can make donations daily.
Granted, semen is packed with protein enzymes, vitamins, fructose and citric acid. Citric acid in lemons has long been used as a natural peel and acne treatment.

Dermatologists, however, are not giving semen facials their seal of approval. First, they say, there’s no scientific proof that semen helps rosacea or any other skin conditions. And, while eating foods rich in nutrients is great for your body, smearing them on your skin has arguable health benefits.

“While a healthy, balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals as well as protein, the potential benefits of a similar topical preparation and their relationship to healthy skin remain elusive,” Dr. Will Kirby, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, told the Daily Beast.
New York City dermatologist Cybele Fishman says rubbing alkaline-based semen onto areas with rosacea or eczema is a particularly bad idea because it “disrupts the skin barrier,” she told Yahoo Health, and makes the skin “prone to infection and oxidating substances, which age the skin by destroying collagen and elastins.”

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Also, semen can contain sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes, that could theoretically invade they body through cuts in the skin. Plus, putting any liquid containing the herpes virus near eyes could cause an infection.

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