Is There a Cancer Causer in Your Bread?

Bread has been a food staple for thousands of years. But it has morphed over the centuries, and our ancestors wouldn't even recognize the loaves we buy today.

The latest case in point? More than 86 baked products, including many popular bread products, contain a completely unnecessary food additive that's been linked to cancer.

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Food companies use potassium bromate to give bread an appealing white color and to help dough rise during the baking process. However, it's so toxic that it's banned in Canada and the United Kingdom. The state of California actually requires a warning label for any food product containing the ingredient.

Per an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis, potassium bromate has been linked in animal studies to cancer and development of tumors, and the group identifies it as one of the dirty dozen food additives to avoid. Researchers also know that potassium bromate can damage genetic material in human liver and intestinal cells, causing "breaks in DNA strands and chromosomal damage," according to EWG.

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"We urge consumers to exercise caution with potassium bromate and avoid it whenever possible," says Jose Aguayo, EWG database analyst and coauthor of the analysis. "Until companies stop using potassium bromate, you should check EWG's Food Scores to find food that doesn't contain this potentially cancer-causing chemical."

Ways to Avoid It
For a handy app to help find safer foods (and rate the ones you love), download EWG's Food Scores app. And you can do your part to help get this toxic ingredient off of store shelves by signing this petition.
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