This Is The Secret To A long Life

Old people have been in the news lately, and everyone wants to know their secret. There are the "World's Oldest Siblings," the eldest of whom, at 108, has been smoking "for more than 80 years, all day long, every day" and enjoys the regular cocktail.

She's not the only one; doctors who've studied the siblings, along with others eligible for a Smucker's birthday celebration, found that many of the centenarians were overweight, smokers, and non-exercisers for most of their lives.

There's also the recent study that says the secret to a long life is getting enough sleep; women who slept fewer than five hours every night were less likely to live as long as those who got five to 6.5 hours of sleep.

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And then there's the new finding that those with a high level of the DHEAS hormone tend to exercise more, have better relationships, and live longer; the hormone — also called the "wealth" hormone because those who have the highest levels of it tend to be rich — helps regulate stress levels in the body.

With all the speculation about how we can live longer, what do you believe is the secret to a long life? Can we prolong our lives by getting enough sleep, practicing a healthy lifestyle, and limiting stress, or is it all in our genetics?
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