The Perfect Response to Any Man Who Says He's Too Big for a Condom

You already knew there was no such thing as a penis that is too big for a condom, but here's a welcome reminder from @DramaticEmily, who posted the above photos of a condom stretching all the way around her fist and up her arm to Twitter.

"If a boy ever tells you he's too big for a condom, please send him this," she wrote, along with this demonstrative picture of her latex-wrapped middle finger too.
Earlier this year, Swedish singer Zara Larsson also posted an Instagram of a condom wrapped all the way up her calf with the caption,

"To all the guys saying 'my dick is too big for condoms' TAKE A SEAT."

Other options in this situation include (1) laughing in his face and (2) getting the heck out of there. Preferably in that order.

From Cosmopolitan 
Image from Twitter

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