5 Groceries You Should Purchase This Ramadan

Ramadan is a period of fasting that requires you to refrain from not just food and drink, but also guilty pleasures, usual interests, side talks and uncanny behaviour.

It does not prevent you from getting around your daily lives or activities, rather encourages you to do as you would regularly and be conscious of actions that are not worth emulating, does not speak well of you and would be frown upon by the Koran. 

It is a test of patience and perseverance and the perfect time to enrich one’s self with spiritual teachings, sober reflection and analysis of one’s life.

The fast basically teaches Muslims to curb their excesses and desires and have maximum understanding of what the poor and less privileged go through in order to appreciate more what one has, increase one’s need to be more giving and definitely a better relationship with God.

It is a period of unison, thoughtfulness – Prayers, giving and Sharing. It is the best time to reconnect with God and as stipulated the time where one can guarantee that their past sins has been forgiven and a new slate created.

In the Spirit of that, there are a few things that should also be considered especially what one takes immediately after fast,

1. Rice: 
When engaging in something as serious as the fasting for the Ramadan, you have to bear in mind that will contribute to your health better as opposed to what will interest your appetite more so the likes of Rice are perfect as carbohydrate and the fact that they are slowly absorbed which controls your blood sugar is a perfect add. 

2. Beans:
Protein is always an essential class of food for good health, and for a healthy Digestive system go for food with lower cholesterol level are much more favourable.

3. Oil:
Oily foods are different from oils, and if it is a must, the likes of Olive Oil and Canon Oil that are rich in heart beneficial fats will be a better option. Better still use them for healthy meals like Salad and Vegetable, you will feel a lot stronger while you fast.

4. Potatoes:
They are an impeccable source of Carbohydrate, they are filled with Potassium and you will very much gain energy and retain the good heart health you have going.

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5. Fruits:
The essence of these cannot be over emphasized, especially Dates, they are amazing to break fast with and are very filling. Other fruits serve as hydration methods asides water, they are very exciting to dig into and you can never have enough fruits. It is advisable to have them in large quantity as they are the easiest way to replenish Vitamins lost.

Your intake of food is a huge contributor to everything that do, even in the spirit of fasting, enable yourself to take this step of healthy living as opposed to quenching the hunger for the moment, consider your food lifestyle in the long run as it should be something to reflect upon, after all a healthy eater is the first step to healthy living.

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