Good Morning Power Workout

Good Morning Friend.
Guess What.? It's the weekend.!!!!  I hope you had a good night rest. Well, i did. I woke up like a GREEN GIANT this and would really love you to join in as i do this POWER work out...

-3 Minutes Warm Up/Stretch 
- 20 Jumping Jacks
- 1 Minute Plank
- 20Push ups
- 1 Minute Plank
- 20 Squats
- 1 Minute Plank
- 1 Minute Wall Sit
- 1 Minute Plank....

Believe you can do it. You can add your resistance and variations. Feel free to comment on how easy or how tasking the routine is...*wink*

Get up, Lets go,,,see you in fitness land(where every one is healthy, strong and sculpted)..

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