Great Calorie-Burning Workouts You Should Try

Try combining some exercises from this list to ensure a calorie-busting workout. And honestly, who wants to do one exercise for an entire workout, anyway?

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1. Kettle-bell Swings
Kettle-bell swings work the entire body. It’s an aerobic activity that engages all of the large muscle groups, which means you are not only burning calories during the workout, but there is a considerable exercise after-burn, as well. That means your body will continue to burn calories after your workout. While burning calories and eating less is the obvious key to weight loss, any exercise that burns calories and builds muscle simultaneously will help the body burn more at rest, too. A material with great weight can be used as a substitute for the kettle-bell if it isn't at your disposal.

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2. Walking Stairs
Taking duration and intensity into account, I think it is safe to say that walking as quickly up stairs, for as long as possible, is the most calorie-burning exercise out there. It is something everyone can do, for a fairly long time, and something that raises heart rate  as well as recruiting large muscle groups in the body.

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4. Boxing
There is a reason you don’t see a lot of boxers with bad physiques. Boxing is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic cardio, muscular endurance, and power plus speed and agility through the use of the entire muscular system.

5. Dancing
Go dancing. I’m not talking about the slow, shy kind. I’m talking about the ‘getting your whole body into it’ kind of dancing (Alanta, Shoki, Azonto). The kind that you would dance if nobody was watching. They burn huge amounts of calories while you have fun doing it. And I’m positive  that when you are enjoying, something, you tend to push yourself just a little bit more making you burn more calories than an exercise you would do just to do it.

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6. Lunges
I would have to say lunges. Similar to squats, they are a great full-body exercise—they work all the major leg muscles, the core, and can work shoulders and upper back if you challenge yourself by holding dumbbells. But they are easier to perform properly than squat, which people often injure themselves doing.

7. Running
Running is the most efficient workout. For 40 to 60 minutes of activity, I think it burns about the most calories of any exercise and it is very convenient and has a minimal barrier to entry (now, not even shoes are needed) that some of the other really high-calorie-burning activities.

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8. Running Intervals
“In my unscientific opinion, running intervals is the best way to burn calories, both during the workout and afterward. I think many experts agree that high-intensity training gets the most bang for its buck. The drawback for runners is that you can’t do this type of training every day—maybe two to three days per week at the most!”

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