6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight At The Gym

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If you’ve made it this far of going to the gym every day, give yourself a pat on the back. However, if the scale doesn’t seem to be showing any results, it might mean you’re unintentionally sabotaging your own progress.
here’s why you’re not losing weight.

1) You’re being an overachiever.
We’re all a little enthusiastic the first time we make it to the gym after a long hiatus. But Exercising too much ends up being counterproductive. The more you work out, the more cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced when the body experiences high-stress conditions—it causes the body to retain water, and thus, weight.
Therefore, it is recommended that you spend just 30 to 45 minutes at the gym, three days a week.

2) You’re overeating.
Being overall healthy and maintaining the ideal weight involves just 20 percent exercise and 80 percent nutrition. But you can never out-exercise poor nutrition, “Calories in and calories out is oversimplistic.” Just because you’re working out a lot doesn’t mean you can overeat afterward.

3) Your workout is boring.
Spending an hour on the elliptical every single workout is not very engaging, and it can get old pretty quickly. You have to shake up your workouts. Do something you actually enjoy.

4) You’re not lifting.
Low-intensity training like lifting weights is just as important as high-intensity exercise. And contrary to popular belief, strength training actually does burn fat. Individuals who spent more time strength-training than logging miles and miles on cardio equipment saw more positive body changes.

5) You’re dehydrated.
We should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces, but most of us are walking around in a state of chronic dehydration. Just 2 percent of water loss in our bodies can decrease our athletic performance, so you’re less likely to get the most of your workout the less you drink.

6) You’re not sleeping.
“Sleep is absolutely the most critical part of losing weight, building muscle, and getting rid of injuries,”  Our bodies repair physically between 10 PM and 2 AM. So if you’re going to bed at midnight, you’re missing 50 percent of ideal body repair. If your body can’t fully recover from your workouts, it’s more difficult to develop muscle mass and burn fat quickly.

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